Some photos from tracking sessions I've engineered at different studios:

Tranquility One Control Room    Tranquility One Live Room

Tranquility One Control Room and Live Room

Aaron Koppel Quartet at Hinge    Shawn Maxwell Quartet at Hinge

Working with Aaron Koppel Quartet (left) and Shawn Maxwell Quartet (right) at Hinge Studios

Michael Henson at CRC   Chris Greene at CRC

Tracking Michael Henson (left) and Chris Greene (right) at Chicago Recording Company

Howard Levy and Nick at Studiomedia   Paul Wertico's kit at Studiomedia

Howard Levy and me (left) and Paul Wertico's kit (right) at Studiomedia

Larry Gray at Hinge   Alycia Hayes at Gravity
Working with Larry Gray at Hinge Studios (left) and Alycia Hayes at Gravity Studios (right)

Don Skoog at Shantyville   Gabe Rosen at Shantyville

Sessions with Don Skoog (left) and Gabe Rosen and the Good Enough Band (right) at Shantyville

Ernie Adams at Studiomedia  Drums at CRC
Ernie Adams in the drum booth at Studiomedia (left) and Tyrone Blair's drums set up for tracking at Chicago Recording Company (right)