2015 January
Finishing mixes with Shawn Maxwell's Alliance for in-concert videos from Mayne Stage. Their EP "Bridge" was a Downbeat Magazine Editor's Pick for December 2014; "This is bold music." - Frank Alkyer. The EP has been steadily climbing the Jazz Charts. Their debut CD from February 2014 received critical praise from a wide range of publications.
Tracking with Mighty Joe for a 2015 release.
Recorded, mixed and mastered "Second Impression" with Markus Rutz featuring Brice Winston, Dennis Luxion, Jeff Pedraz, Scott Hesse, Paulinho Garcia, Heitor Garcia, Isaiah Spencer and Greg Artry at Strobe Recording. The CD Release is at Chicago's legendary Jazz Showcase this month.
2014 January
In pre-production with Grammy Award Winner Frank Catalano for a 2014 release. Putting the finishing touches on Vital Organ Trio's album for an early 2014 release; getting that Hammond B-3 low end hitting just right!
Shawn Maxwell's Alliance releases February 18, already a Downbeat Magazine Editor's Pick for February, with album notes by Grammy Award Winning writer Neil Tesser. I'll help with the front-of-house at their CD Release Event at Chicago's legendary Jazz Showcase during their run Thursday, February 20 - Sunday, February 23. Finishing album mixes and mastering for Dan Ferris. Completed mixing and mastering on an EP with Liz Berg.
lePercolateur's "Pop Manouche" continues it's run on the Americana Music Association Charts. Makaya McCraven's "Split Decision" ranked #6 on BlazeRadio's Top 25 progressive Jazz CDs of 2013.
2013 October
Working very, very hard on mixing and mastering Shawn Maxwell's Alliance, an intense and unique sound!
The summer months were busy; I re-mastered 10 tracks from Chicago Sessions albums for a compilation disc "WDCB Loves Chicago Jazz, Volume Two". In the studio at Rax Trax with Vital Organ Trio, to be continued in November. We're in the mixing and mastering stages on the Golden Mean album, and their video is being compiled using footage and recordings from Mayne Stage. Just started mixing an album for artist Dan Ferris, from tracking sessions at Hinge.
lePercolateur's "Pop Manouche" has been spending time on the JazzWeek and Americana Music Association Charts.
2013 March
Finished mixing and mastering "Pop Manouche", the debut album from lePercolateur. Overdubs continue with Shawn Maxwell's Alliance.
In January, started on staff at a great new studio in the Chicago area, Tranquility One. In a peaceful setting with great views and a comfortable atmosphere, it has a great sounding control room and a flexible and large recording space. Work continues on my first engineering / producing project there, The Golden Mean with Mike Jeffers, Stephanie Browning, Mike Frost, Adam Kraus, Tom Vaitsas and Frank Hryniewicz.
Aaron Koppel Quartet's "Multiverse" was named one of Downbeat Magazine's "Best CDs of 2012".
2012 August
Recorded Marc Scibilia for the first Spotify Session in Chicago. Marc is best known for his song "How Bad We Need Each Other" which was featured on the television show Bones.
Working on overdubs with lePercolatuer for a Chicago Sessions release, and with Mighty Joe on his newest project. Mastered the Music Production Academy 2012 project for Columbia College Chicago, a collaborative effort between the Audio Arts & Acoustics Dept, the Music Dept and the Arts Entertainment & Media Management Dept.
2012 July
Makaya McCraven's "Split Decision" will be released 7/24, he's headlining Millennium Park on 8/2, CD Release Show at the Green Mill in 8/3. Working with lePercolateur on their debut full-length album, expected to be out later this year. In pre-production with Shawn Maxwell's Rebel Alliance on an upcoming album. Starting Mighty Joe's new project very soon...
Aaron Koppel Quartet's "Multiverse" received a 4-Star review from Downbeat Magazine. Matt Nelson Trio's "Nostalgiamaniac" was #79 on the Roots Music Report "Best of 2011".
2012 January
Working on mixes for Makaya McCraven Trio, recorded at Hinge. Recorded 9 sets of music at Chicago's historic Jazz Showcase, as part of 2012 Chicago Sessions Weekend. Two sets each of Makaya McCraven Trio, Matt Nelson Trio, Aaron Koppel Quartet, lePercolateur, and one set of Ben Scholz Group. Pre-production on a new project with singer/songwriter Mighty Joe.
Matt Nelson Trio's "Nostalgiamaniac" was named one of Downbeat Magazine's "Best CDs of 2011".
2011 October
Putting the finishing touches on Aaron Koppel Quartet's "Multiverse". Working on pre-production for several albums, to be announced, for release in 2012.
Larry Gray Trio's "Three Equals One" received 3 1/2 stars from Downbeat Magazine, and 4 stars from JazzReview.com. Shawn Maxwell's "Urban Vigilante" received a glowing review in Chicago Jazz Magazine, and 3 stars from Downbeat. I co-produced and engineered both albums.
2011 September
Mixing and mastering Aaron Koppel Quartet's "Multiverse", due out late next month. Mixing and mastering a trio recording from Hinge; Makaya McCraven on drums, Andrew Toombs on piano, Tim Seisser on bass.
Matt Nelson's "Nostalgiamaniac" received a 4 star review ("Excellent") from Downbeat Magazine. I recorded, mixed and mastered the album, and co-produced with Matt. The album continues to grow in popularity, particularly in Japan.
Shawn Maxwell's "Urban Vigilante", Larry Gray Trio's "Three Equals One", and Bryan Carter's "Enchantment" have all been in the Top 50 on the Jazz Charts.
2011 August

Currently mixing "Multiverse", a new album from the Aaron Koppel Quartet, for Chicago Sessions. We tracked at Hinge Studios with Aaron Koppel on guitar, Matt Nelson on piano, Graham Czach on bass, Robbie Tucker on drums. This is the follow-up to their 2009 "Falling Together Falling Apart", which received critical acclaim; Downbeat Magazine gave it 3 1/2 stars, and it made Neil Tesser's Top 10 Chicago Albums of 2009.

I'm continuing to work with Mighty Joe on his forthcoming release.

I'm watching three albums climbing the Jazz Chart: Bryan Carter's "Enchantment", which I mixed and mastered, has been in the Top 50 for 9 weeks. Larry Gray Trio's "Three Equals One", and Shawn Maxwell's "Urban Vigilante", which are both on the Chicago Sessions label, are both climbing the charts as well. I produced, recorded, mixed and mastered them both.